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Welcome to the Canadian Army Aviation Blog. An entry is easy to do - just follow the notes and fill in the small windows on the blog screen. Your comment will not be posted immediately but will be reviewed by myself and/or the website manager. This will ensure that your comment is posted and inappropriate ones are not. I know from my time (too many years ago) as an army pilot that there are many stories to be told and photos and videos that recorded events. Dig into your archives and send them in. For photos and videos please include a caption with names, dates and what event is shown. This will help us ensure it is inserted into the correct place on the website.

If you served on strength of an Canadian Army Aviation organization we want to record who you served with, where, when and in what capacity. For ease of entry please submit your details in the following format:

Last name, First name, Initials, rank during service, year(s) of service with the unit, Unit/Flight/Troop, location, function. Example:

Bloggins Egbert AJ Cpl, 66 - 70, 1 Tpt Hel Pl, CFB Uplands, Ottawa, driver, load master, photographer (etc).

We look forward to hearing from you,

Vic Coroy

Added: November 16, 2015
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